MR-2R Recirculating Protein Skimmer

Recirculating Beckett skimmers offer a different avenue to utilize the amazing Beckett foam production technique for skimming. Instead of utilizing a large pump to both feed the skimmer and create the foam, as with our Standard MR series, this line instead uses a dedicated pump to drive the injectors and create the foam, while a separate method of feeding the skimmer the system water is employed. This allows the aquarists to change and manipulate the amount of water flowing through the skimmer, without effecting the ability and strength of bubble production. As with our Standard MR Series skimmer, we use ¼” American cast acrylic tube and 3/8” blue cell cast acrylic to create the skimmer base box, including professional grade fittings and plumbing.

Base Footprint

10" x 10"

First Riser OD


Second Riser OD


Number of Injectors


Gate Valve (standard)

1.5" Threaded

Recirculation Input 1" Bulkhead
Injector input 1"

Total Height



450 gallons

Recommended Recirculating Pump BL-55 HD
(PW150 PS)
Feed Rate
300 - 900 GPH

Quick Release


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